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The LEANS resources (handbook, videos, stories, PowerPoint slides, printable handouts, posters) have been developed by researchers based at the University of Edinburgh and their associates.   

The resources are available freely for use by teachers in primary schools, including fee-paying schools, and for research conducted by publicly funded or not-for-profit institutions. Their professional use is the responsibility of the user, at the user’s own risk.  

We ask users to agree to the terms of use in order to download the LEANS resource pack.

Please note the following headline terms of use: 


  • Download, print or photocopy materials without charge, as many times as you like. 

  • Share the resources for free, under the terms of a CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 license – full details are inside the handbook 

  • Adapt the resources for use within your school only 

  • Translate the LEANS resources for use in your school only. We advise that you first contact the LEANS team for advice:  

  • Use the resources for research purposes, though we invite researchers first to contact our team as a professional courtesy:  


  • Charge a fee for anyone to use LEANS materials, original or adapted 

  • Distribute any adapted versions beyond your own school or organisation – not even for free 

  • Distribute any translated versions beyond your own school or organisation – not even for free 

  • Make any income whatsoever from LEANS materials or LEANS-related activities

Read the full terms of use.

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