We’re collecting neurodiversity resource recommendations!

Share your favourite neurodiversity-related resources with other families and professionals.

Seen any great resources recently? Anything you rushed to bookmark in your browser or grab at the library? TELL US ALL ABOUT IT!  

Once again, the Learning About Neurodiversity at School (LEANS) project is collecting community recommendations of useful resources about neurodiversity, and related topics. We previously collected recommendations between Spring 2020-September 2021, and produced a downloadable list called “Even more Neurodiversity at School: Resource suggestions from the community”. See it on our More Resources page.

LEANS More Resources

We are now adding to the list to produce a new edition in Spring 2023, because new resources are coming out all the time!  

What kind of resource recommendations are we looking for? 

  • Topic: Neurodiversity, individual diagnoses or labels that may come under the “umbrella” of neurodiversity, or general resources about disability or differences between people. 
  • Audience: Primary-school-aged children (the LEANS audience!), parents/carers, or education professionals who work with this age group. 

  • Formats: any format, but must be in English. Items can be paid or free. 

We strongly prefer recommendations of resources that you have read, viewed, or otherwise used yourself, or with children you know! There’s just no substitute for trying something out hands-on, and this is a chance to share your knowledge with other families or professionals.  

We also strongly prefer resources that take a respectful, accepting view of neurodiversity and other differences, and are broadly congruent with the values in the LEANS curriculum. 

We are not collecting… 

  • Resources that are focused on psychological therapies, medical treatments, or where the primary audience appears to be medical/clinical. 

  • Recommendations for therapists, coaches, or similar services. 

What will we do with the recommendations people submit? 

The LEANS team performs basic checks on the suggestions to confirm that:  

  • Resource exists, in English, and is available in the UK 

  • Title, author, format, topic, and target age group appear correct (for example, by reviewing a library listing for a book, or visiting a suggested website)  

We also combine duplicate suggestions, check cost (if any), and write a 1-2 sentence description of each item. 

Not every suggestion will make the final list. Previously, we removed some suggestions that were judged to be off-topic, or problematic in some other way. A second team member reviews these decisions before anything is removed.  

We are not…  

  • Reading/reviewing items in full. This is the reason we clearly state that the list is recommendations from the community, not recommendations or endorsements from the LEANS team. 

  • Rating/ranking the resources 

  • Purchasing anything, or advising others to purchase items.

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