Book review: Only One You by Linda Kranz

Only one you by Linda Kranz. Reviewed by Dr Francesca Fotheringham.

Date published: October 2021

Paperback price: £4.47

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Reviewer: Dr Francesca Fotheringham, Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Reviewer expertise: Child emotional development, neurodiversity, neurodivergent adolescents


What is the book about and who is it aimed at?

This book is a beautiful picture book aimed at children aged 2-5 years. The book follows the advice a mama and papa fish are giving their baby fish about the world.

A brief description of the content of the book  

Their advice describes how as they go through life to try and find the good in others and to look out for the beauty in the world, whilst also acknowledging that it’s ok to make a wrong turn, just turn around and try and different route or move around obstacles. It also highlights the importance of finding time to relax and unwind. However, its main message is that as you go through life to remember there’s only one you and that’s unique and special and to be whoever you are and that by being you, you can make the world a better place.

Is the content in line with best practice/research evidence?

This book is in line with current best practice as it encourages children that it’s ok to be themselves and that everyone is unique which is what makes the world beautiful.

Would the book be helpful to its target reader? If so, how? Would it be helpful to anyone else?

Therefore, this would be a lovely book to read with your young child, or even just to remind yourself how amazing you are just by being you.

What is your final, overall opinion of the book?

Overall, this is a beautifully illustrated book with a lovely sentiment that can be enjoyed by many.