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LEANS is on summer break June-August

During Summer 2023 our small team is temporarily stepping back from LEANS to focus on other commitments and projects. As many schools will be closed, we hope this will have minimum impact on LEANS users.


Our support for incoming e-mail enquiries will continue at a reduced level. The LEANS project e-mail account (and translate-leans e-mail) is still being monitored at least once per week. We will be accepting and reviewing new translation proposals as usual.


Please note that, effective immediately, our research team is not scheduling any new talks or training commitments. Already-confirmed conferences and talks are unaffected. We will re-open our scheduling after September 4th, 2023. Please send (or re-send) your enquiry at that time. Already-confirmed conferences and talks from June-November are unaffected by this policy change.


During our summer break, please consider whether a LEANS Champion may be able to help you.

See our selection of recorded talks

Have a question about LEANS? Here’s what you should know

LEANS may look like a big project, but our project team is very small. We have limited resources to provide support to individual LEANS users. 

As far as possible, we have tried to anticipate people’s questions, and answer them in the resource pack itself. Please begin by consulting these resources. If you have downloaded LEANS, the Teacher Handbook has detailed guidance on many aspects of planning and delivery. Our website may also have the answer! Have you seen the resource overview page, and our FAQs? 

LEANS resource pack overview


Please be aware that we are not able to provide personalised support to schools/individuals as part of the free resource release. For example, we’re not able to give further help with… 

  • School-specific advice about whether or not to adopt LEANS, or whether it might benefit/pose a risk to a specific individual. Please use the Introduction section of the Teacher Handbook to help you with these decisions.  

  • Questions about whether or not LEANS is suitable in your cultural context, if you are outside of the UK or Ireland.  

  • Queries about how to access diagnoses or services. Please see the lists of relevant organisations provided on our more resources page. 

More resources

For other LEANS queries, please see the table of contact information below. 

Contacting the LEANS project 

For all queries and contact people, please help us to help you by including a clear e-mail subject line, like “Download link problem”, “Question about activity 5.5” or “Speaking invitation for [date]”. It really helps! 

2023-2024: We cannot support any internships or work placements, and are not currently offering any student research experience or volunteering opportunities. Please do not send us your CV. Thank you.

Topic   Contact point

Issues related to the LEANS resource pack, or to the resource website. 

Sharing feedback about your experience using LEANS.

Enquiries about translating or adapting the LEANS resources for other countries/cultures. 

Media/press enquiries

When contacting, please clearly specify that this is a LEANS enquiry
Enquiries about training or speaking engagements   

Dr Alyssa Alcorn

We are not currently scheduling new training or speaking engagements. We will re-open our scheduling after September 4th, 2023. Please send (or re-send) your enquiry at that time. In the meantime, consider whether a LEANS Champion may be able to help you.

Research or industry collaborations, funding proposals   

Professor Sue Fletcher-Watson  

Seeking direct support from LEANS Champions (educators trained to advise on the LEANS programme)  

Contact an individual Champion in the UK or Ireland

LEANS Champions

Please be aware that we have a small team, and receive a high volume of queries year-round. We may not be able to reply immediately. If you are an education professional in the UK or Ireland, our LEANS Champions may also be able to help you.

LEANS Champions

The LEANS mailing list 

This list is our main way for sharing project news, such as events, updates/new resource items, publications, and participation opportunities. The mailing list always gets the news first, and we only send out updates when there is news to share!   

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Mailing list privacy statement

The information you provide will be used by the University of Edinburgh to communicate with you about news, events or opportunities relevant to the LEANS project. Our communications will be in the form of e-newsletters, plus occasional additional email updates.

We use the survey platform Qualtrics and automated email marketing platform Dotdigital, but will not share your information with any other third parties.

We will hold the personal data you provided us until you choose to unsubscribe. You may unsubscribe at any time by contacting us or by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ link above or on any communication.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Social media

The LEANS project does not have dedicated social media accounts, but we tweet about major updates from the @SMRCresearch account.

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