Policy Briefings

We have teamed up with our partners at the Salvesen Mindroom Centre charity to create a library of policy briefings, each giving a short overview of our research findings. 

What are they?

These two-page documents have been created alongside the Salvesen Mindroom Centre. They give a snapshot of research findings alongside some evidence-based recommendations. The documents outline what we found, what we recommend based on our findings, as well as what we did and why we did it. They are available in pdf and plain text format.

Who are they for?

The briefings are aimed at anyone involved in enabling change – from MSPs to social workers and classroom teachers – we’d encourage you to have a look.

Will you be adding more?

We hope to add to this library on a regular basis, covering a range of topics that could impact the lives of neurodiverse people.

Download the briefings

Briefing 1 - Learning difficulties and exclusion from school


Briefing 2 - Professional experiences of parental support seeking



Briefing 3 - Accessing information: Experiences of parents


Briefing 4 - Key factors to a positive experience of mainstream schooling



Briefing 5 - Autism and Bilingualism



Briefing 6 - Autistic Communication and Peer Engagement



Briefing 7 - Preterm birth and parent communication preferences


LEANS education policy briefing