Library of book reviews

Research can be a lengthy process and our team wanted to have a more immediate way of sharing their expertise with the  general public than is normally possible for researchers.

Our solution? A series of book reviews to help you decide whether to invest time in a title or just leave it on the shelf. 

We're publishing one review per month here on our website to accumulate a library that we hope will be genuinely helpful. 

The staff team from our charity partners the Salvesen Research Centre are working alongside us on this initiative to also share their practitioners’ expertise. 

First we make the beast beautiful book cover

First We Make the Beast Beautiful: A New Story about Anxiety by Sarah Wilson. Reviewed by Catarina Gaglianone.

Taking off the mask book cover image

Taking off the Mask by Dr Hannah Louise Belcher. Reviewed by Holly Sutherland

Only one you book cover

Only One You by Linda Kranz. Reviewed by Dr Francesca Fotheringham.

What I want to talk about book cover

What I Want to Talk About: How Autistic Special Interests Shape a Life by Pete Wharmby. Reviewed by Holly Sutherland

Neurodiversity: The Birth of an Idea by Judy Singer. Reviewed by the Salvesen Mindroom Centre team.

Neurotribes 9x4

NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and How to Think Smarter About People Who Think Differently by Steve Silberman. Reviewed by the Salvesen Mindroom Centre team.

Safeguarding Autistic Girls: Strategies for professionals by Carly Jones MBE. Reviewed by Holly Sutherland

The Genome Odyssey by Euan Angus Ashley. Reviewed by Heather Love.

Surviving prematurity: With compassion understanding and family integrated care by Nadia Leake. Reviewed by Lorna Ginnell

Everybody is Different: a book for young people who have brothers or sisters with autism, by Fiona Bleach. Reviewed by Prof Sue Fletcher-Watson.

The Spectrum Girl’s Survival Guide: How to grow up awesome and autistic by Sienna Castellon. Reviewed by Holly Sutherland

DLD and Me: Supporting Children and Young People with Developmental Language Disorder. By Anna Sowerbutts and Amanda Finer. Reviewed by Dr Rachael Davis.

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did) by Philippa Perry. Reviewed by Lorena Jiménez Sánchez.

The Girl with the Curly Hair: Asperger's and Me. By Alis Rowe. Reviewed by the Salvesen Mindroom Centre team.

The Reason I Jump By Naoki Higashida, translated by David Mitchell and Keiko Yoshida. Reviewed by the Salvesen Mindroom Centre team.

By Geoff Kewley and Pauline Latham. Reviewed by a psychologist and associate member of the Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre.

Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism using Minecraft®. By Raelene Dundon. Reviewed by Dr Leila Mackie.

ADHD Now Book Cover

Parenting ADHD Now! Easy Intervention Strategies to Empower Kids with ADHD by Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster. Reviewed by Dr Eamonn Walls

Mind your head by Juno Dawson with advice from Dr Olivia Hewitt. Reviewed by Dr Elizabeth Kirkham.

Neurodiverse Classroom

The Neurodiverse Classroom: A teacher’s guide to individual learning needs and how to meet them by Victoria Honeybourne. Reviewed by Dr Sue Fletcher-Watson

Can I Tell You About Self-Harm? A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals. By Pooky Knightsmith, foreword by Jonathan Singer. Reviewed by the Salvesen Mindroom Centre team.

by Jessie Hewitson. Reviewed by Dr Sue Fletcher-Watson.

Dyslexia is my superpower book cover

Dyslexia is My Superpower (Most of the Time). Interviews by Margaret Rooke. Reviewed by Salvesen Mindroom Centre team