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The latest news from LEANS, including participation opportunities, talks, and conferences.

Drawings of school children under heading 2023 in review

Key project news and achievements from 2023, and notes on what’s next

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What does the end of funded LEANS staff time mean for teachers, schools, and you?


Now published: a short report about the 2020 LEANS online consultation study (open-access).

OSF Preprints

Now available: A free preprint of the paper reporting the 2021 LEANS evaluation study.

A teache stands in front of a board. The board has a drawing of a person and three different brains representing neurodiversity

LEANS featured in the Scottish Government’s Education Research Seminar Series, November 2023.

The image reads "break out the cake" alongside an illustration of a colourful cake cut into slides.

It’s our anniversary! Milestones and reflections from the first year of the LEANS resources

The text "belonging in school" appears over a a paint set, backpack, pile of books, and a football

A new, free school-level resource about developing inclusive policies.

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Key project news and achievements from 2022.

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Everyone can support neurodiversity teaching and learning! Will you take on the challenge?

Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards

The LEANS project has been shortlisted in the Inclusive Education category of the 2023 Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards.

Find out about and watch recordings from past conferences where LEANS have presented.

Our recording of the June 14th LEANS launch event is now online. Watch it now! (Free, no registration needed).