Book Review: Santa Steals Christmas by Eve Nairn-Magnante

Santa Steals Christmas by Eve Nairn-Magnante and illustrated by Nicholas Child. Reviewed by Dr Catherine Crompton

Date published: 2023

Price: £7.99

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Reviewer: Dr Catherine Crompton

Reviewer expertise: Neuropsychologist specialising in participatory research into neurodiversity and wellbeing

What is the book about and who is it aimed at?

This book tells the story of a suspicious looking Santa imposter who has been stealing presents! This book is designed for younger readers (aged 4-10). It  has been designed with dyslexia-friendly font which features longer letters with heavier bottoms, along with wide margins and high contrast. Alongside the dyslexia-friendly paperback, there is also a video book with British Sign Language, an audio book version, and Braille versions available, which ensures that anyone who wants to can read this lovely story of Santa, Rudolph, and the elves!

A brief description of the content of the book

This illustrated book tells the Christmas tale of someone pretending to be Santa and stealing the presents he has delivered. Santa is helped by his elves and reindeer…will they catch the imposter?

This book was written by Eve Nairn-Magnante at age 6, who is thought to be Scotland’s youngest published author. Its brilliant and vibrant illustrations by Nicholas Child bring the story to life.

What is your final, overall opinion of the book?

A really wonderful book, thoughtfully created and put together. I am sure it will become a firm favourite that many families will re-read every Christmas!


Book cover depicting Santa's legs sticking out of chimney
Santa Steals Christmas