LEANS' development

Read about how we developed the LEANS resources in 2020-2022, and who was involved.

The LEANS resource was created during 2020-2022, by a neurodiverse group of researchers and educators. It was led by researchers at the University of Edinburgh.  We used a range of processes to capture lived experiences, and applied practical expertise in education and support for young people. Our goal was to create a resource that would:  

  • Effectively introduce a whole mainstream primary school class to neurodiversity concepts; 
  • Minimise risks of harm or distress to individual pupils in the class (especially neurodivergent pupils), and to school staff members; 

  • Be practical and straightforward for to deliver, even if teachers were new to teaching or to neurodiversity concepts; 

  • Include respectful representations of diversity in general, including ethnic, gender and disability diversity; 

  • Be feasible within the resources (budget, time, expertise) of the project. 

Every decision made during the design process aimed to balance these requirements effectively.  

Each separate phase of the project (participatory design, consultations, school evaluation) received ethical approvals from the committee at the Moray House School of Education and Sport, University of Edinburgh. 

Many people were involved in creating the LEANS resource pack.

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