Belonging in School resource release

A new, free school-level resource about developing inclusive policies.

What is Belonging in School?

This summer, our Research and Impact Lead (Dr Alyssa Alcorn) was invited to work with the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit at the University of Cambridge on a new inclusive education resource, due to the success of LEANS in creating materials for educators and in reaching out to professionals and schools.

Together with Cambridge, we recently released the Belonging in School resource as a free download. It aims to support inclusive policy development at the individual school level, offering a toolbox of strategies across three documents, each with a complementary role and different level of detail. While the resource focuses on mainstream primary schools in the UK’s education systems, its tools and lessons are potentially applicable anywhere. It is free, worldwide.

Belonging in School is not part of the LEANS project, but is a related project that shares core values and is targeted at the same audience of educators and pupils. Awareness and affirmation of neurodiversity forms a major topic within in the resource!

Get Belonging in School now!

Download the resources from the project webpage

View our introductory webinar about the resource. Who is it for, and what does it cover? (3YouTube, 38 min)

Questions? Please contact rather than the LEANS team. Thank you.

Diverse group of children and adults walking in a circle and doing different activities.