Meet the Team Involved in the NEST project

The NEST project is officially based within the Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre, at the University of Edinburgh, but the team involved in the project come from a wide variety of backgrounds and affiliations.

Research team members:

Dr Catherine Crompton (Principal investigator)

Dr Katie Cebula (co-investigator)

Charlotte Webber (postdoctoral researcher)

Dr Sarah Foley (team member)

Prof. Sue Fletcher-Watson (team member)


Young People Co-design group

Cameron Coupar (13; dyslexia & stammer)

Jamie Yates (15; dyslexia)

Minerva Fletcher-Watson (neurodivergent)

As well as five other team members


Adult co-design group

Harriet Axbey (Autistic; postgraduate student in neurodiversity)

Carrie Watts (Autistic; Chair of National Autistic Society Highland Branch & Family Support Working with Thriving Families; ASN English tutor)

Dr Elliot Spaeth (Autistic, ADHD, OCD; Lecturer specialising in inclusive teaching in Higher Education)

Rose Bangs (Educational Psychologist)

Natalie (neurodivergent; trainee Educational Psychologist)


As well as three other team members


NEST Graphic Design

David Roberts