News: Research Priorities article published in British Medical Journal Open

Nov 2019: An article detailing our project to define the Research Priorities for Learning Difficulties article has been published online in BMJ Open (British Medical Journal).

During 2017 and 2018 we worked alongside the Salvesen Mindroom Centre and the James Lind Alliance to identify what children and young people with learning difficulties, their families and the professionals working alongside them, wanted researchers to prioritise about learning difficulties. 

The top 40 unanswered research questions were identified and a list of the top ten were prioritised. 

The process and outcomes of this project have now been detailed and published in BMJ Open. The publication of research in journals cements the quality of the research through peer review before a journal will accept the paper. It allows researchers internationally to learn about the study and incorporate the findings into their own work.

Congratulations to Professor Anne O’Hare, Dr Ai Keow Lim, Dr Sinéad Rhodes and Katherine Cowan as authors of the paper. 

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