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The Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre is a highly research-active group, punching well above its weight in research quality and impact. For a round up of academic publications by many of the core members of the Centre, please see the group Google Scholar profile here.

Information on studies we are conducting which are currently recruiting participants

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Co-designing a peer support package of materials for neurodivergent young people

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Investigating day-to-day associations between sleep and mood in autistic adolescents

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Comparison of two approaches to measuring children’s developmental progress and identifying children with additional support needs used in the Scottish Universal Child Health Reviews

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This project focuses on reducing health inequalities for autistic people by understanding interactional rapport.

This projects focuses on language learning in autistic children and how bilingualism can impact on various aspects of their lives.

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A participatory research project producing free educational resources about neurodiversity

This project aims to understand barriers that affect children's learning, without the constraints of strict diagnoses

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Exploring how autistic and non-autistic people learn from one another

Managing Repetitive Behaviours: A clinical and cost effectiveness trial of a parent group intervention to manage restricted repetitive behaviours in young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

This project investigates the cultural acceptability of an American scheme, called the PEERS Program, and making appropriate adaptations for use in Scotland

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Research Priorities for Learning Difficulties was a project that identified the top 10 research priorities for learning difficulties amongst children and young people

Researching Autism Spectrum Disorder and associations with literacy skills at the start of primary school