LEANS and LEANS-C at conferences (2023)

LEANS and LEANS-C will be presenting our work at multiple conferences in 2023. Find out where you can hear talks and meet our team!

March 2023

National Autistic Society Annual Professionals' Conference 2023

March 2, live online event (£)

“Learning about neurodiversity at school —and beyond”

Dr Alyssa Alcorn will present about the LEANS project, why neurodiversity teaching can be a promising strategy to facilitate positive changes at school, and why it adds value to autism-specific training and awareness activities. This talk will also include the very latest from the LEANS Community (LEANS-C) impact project, which focuses on parents and carers, and on local “educator experts” supporting colleagues into neurodiversity teaching.

The LEANS content is currently scheduled for mid-afternoon, but the event schedule may change. This event is CPD accredited.

National Autistic Society Annual Professionals' Conference event and registration details 

It takes all kinds of minds (ITAKOM) neurodiversity conference

March 13-14, hybrid event, Edinburgh UK (£)

ITAKOM is a new international conference focused on neurodiversity research, professional practice, and lived experience, and should have something for everyone. Naturally, it will include education!

Dr Alyssa Alcorn will present on “Learning and Teaching About Neurodiversity at School – Sustainably Over Time”. Aside from talking about LEANS in general, this talk will reflect on the challenges of adopting a new intervention into practice, and of encouraging people to continue using it. The question is not only how we get neurodiversity into school curricula, but how we keep it there over time!

This session is currently scheduled for Tuesday March 14th, 10:30-11:30 (TBC).

ITAKOM event and registration details